This picture is so powerful. When I first saw this I felt so emotional, I felt myself tearing up. I felt the pain this poor little girl went through because I can feel her heart shatter. School to us is boring but this little girl by even having a chance to go to school is like her life. It was everything she had. When I saw this I felt the urge to help her , I really wish I could do something ❤
This little girl is thrilled to tears just to have these books and to learn.  And we bitch about having to go to school.
I know we are all sick of school, including myself but think about it for a moment…  We are able to go to school for free.  Education is mandatory and is a right in this country but in other countries it is simply a privilege… a luxury.  Yes, there are alot of schools that are messed up in the U.S. and inadequate in terms of good quality books and extra computers, etc.  But school is free (with the exception of college).  In many countries if you don’t have the money to go to school (which is very expensive in third world and developing countries), then you simply don’t go.  The government doesn’t care if you don’t know how to spell, if you don’t learn how to count and if you can’t get a job in the future.  And without any type of education how can you adequately care for yourself and your family without falling victim to more poverty, and passing that down to your children?
This little girl is just happy to have some books to read.  Sometimes a photo like this or hearing about this type of stuff on TV makes me stop and think about how fortunate we should be about some of the most basic things that we take for granted.
this picture makes me sad, and even more when i read this because she isn’t crying about having books, she’s crying because they’re ruined. its a true shame. ^^^^ what you said is totally right and i feel the same way. i mean, who doesn’t get tired of going to school and what not? on the other side of the world, many can’t even go becuase they cant afford it or even reach education near by and the goverment just flips they finger and say “oh well sucks for you!” -__-


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