sudah siap jadi orang tua???

begini beratnya jadi orang tua, padahal ini cuma dua anak. kalau jadi ibu yang nggak sabaran, pasti semuanya kacau balau. kalau jadi ayah yang egois dan nggak mau ngebantu istri untuk merawat anak, pasti hancur rumah tangga itu…

untuk yang sudah menikah, semoga siap menjalani semua tanggung jawab yang ada dan sanggup meluangkan waktu semaksimal mungkin untuk anak-anak. untuk yang belum menikah, hehe, kita siap-siap yuk, menikah nggak gampang, ngebesarin anak apalagi, kalau ngurus diri sendiri aja kita masih belum bisa, kalau hati kita masih diisi sama yang nggak karuan (apa itu? artinya caritau sendiri, tanya sama hati masing2, hehe) nggak akan bisa kita bangun keluarga yang indah, nggak akan bisa kita besarin anak-anak dengan baik…. 🙂


It’s been a month since Yeseo was born.
With Yerin and Yeseo in one month, my wife and I….

wake up early as soon as the sun rises and play with Yerin who excitedly run to us
feed her, wash her, have a little war trying to get her to dress for daycare.
feed Yeseo too, make sure she burps,
In the meanwhile, have Yerin use the restroom, wash her, then get her clothes all wet,
Yeseo isn’t able to burp enough and throws up while lying down

have another war trying to get Yerin dressed, bring her to daycare, I go to work
my wife does all the dishes, clean the house
feed Yeseo again, burp her, play with her, do the mountains of laundry
eat brunch herself, wash dishes, take out the laundry and lay them out to dry
feed Yeseo again, burp her, have her nap
and when she finall tries to rest, Yerin comes back from daycare…

When She plays with Yerin, Yeseo cries
When She takes care of Yeseo, Yerin comes and asks to play
when She tries to watch TV and rest a little…
one by one have to make sure the babies go to restroom and clean them
If she doesn’t pay attention, then the babies try to do dangerous things or put anything into their mouths
when this lasts for two to three hours, my wife is already delirious

When I finish work, I know the situation well
so without even grabbing a bite to eat, I run home
of course, there is no way I can go out to dinner with my colleagues, and much less eat out with them for BBQ

I come home, feed Yeseo too and change her diapers and clean her
The bath has to wait a bit because Yeseo poops a lot
Get the water warm for the bath… take care of her when she cries… put her to bed
And in that time, Yerin takes her chance and makes a mess with the water and the floor becomes flooded
I have to clean the floor and the laundry piles up in a mountain again

Have to make sure Yerin doesn’t get jealous, so have to read her books, play with her
When time comes, wash her… and when we try to have her sleep, she refuses
We get tired, so if we let her be, she runs around enough to make the people living downstairs get mad, so we have to chase after her
Even though the night is late, she says she’s hungry… so we give her a snack… and brush her teeth
then she again refuses to sleep, and wants to eat again
And finally we tell her she’ll get it tomorrow, and she falls asleep

For a second it seems quiet but Yeseo wakes up hungry and cries
Because of the cries, Yerin wakes up and cries too. When this situation is taken care of it’s already 2-3am.
Because I have to go to work in the morning, I don’t get to even turn on the TV and I fall asleep right away.
At night, my wife keeps to Yeseo’s eating schedule and feeds her every 3 hours
Then wakes up early in the morning to get breakfast ready…
And the moment she wakes up, Yerin is looking for the food we promised her last night…
And then the cycle repeats…

On Saturdays, Yerin doesn’t go to daycare so I have to play with her outside
And when we start to forget it happened, the babies take turns getting sick, so we take care of them all night
And the day after, we run to the hospital and pharmacy the moment the doors open

There is no way we can even imagine going outside with both babies
Traveling is difficult, much less watching a movie… and trying to have a dinner out is a luxury…
And it’s difficult to have some time for myself
I am not sure how long these days will continue, and it seems endless.
Even during the tough military service times, I had holidays….

Babies are my reality
Be kind and grateful to your parents…




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