writing spirit :D

writing is about spirit, it’s about finding your own passion
through writing, you’re telling the whole world about your idea, your opinion, your review, your point of view, and your story

when you start moving your finger, you just feel you don’t wanna stop, you’ll be going with the flow of your idea, and focusing all of your sense and mind into that paper or screen, and then you’ll say “i’ve found my own narnia, i’ve found my escape”. that’s the feeling of a real writer, that’s the real writers do.

every writer’s dream is all the same, they just want to inspire people. they just want someone to look at them and say “because of you i didn’t give up”. Because they have been through that hardship before, and by reading other peoples poem, quotes, and books, they’ve found their spirit to struggle in their condition. For that reason, they want to do the same thing to others, they want to help others to find their spirit and their ‘way back home’.

when they write something about life, that doesn’t mean they have a good life. you know, that’s different between reality and fantasy. sometimes we write what’s in our fantasy, not all of them are real though

so, if you do not breath through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write. if you really want to be a writer, put all your effort into it…

find your own passion, find your own dream. everybody have different personality and different skill. just find your own and work with it…


6 thoughts on “writing spirit :D

  1. i love this. Writing is about freedom of expression and the fluency of speech. It cannot be constructed or restricted by human presence or dominance. It needs to be raw and thus real.

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